The Awarded One

Director: Sérgio Roizenblit
Genre: Fiction
Language: Portuguese
Duration: 100"

Written Especially For Isabel Teixeira And Georgette Fadel, The Script, Drafted By Thiago Dottori, Presents The Backstage Of A Play That Had A Tragic End: The Death Of One Of The Actresses At The End Of A Show. The Script Is Freely Inspired On The Play Queen[(S)] – Two Actresses In Search Of A Heart, Which In Turn Is Inspired On The Text Mary Stuart, By F. Schiller. The Play Won Isabel The Shell Award For Best Actress. Georgette Had Won The Award Two Years Earlier.

The Screenplay Plays With The Reality-Fiction Border By Raising Questions About Envy, Vanity And Power. Queen[(S)] Debuted In 2008, And It Takes As Its Starting Point The Intricate Relationship Between Queen Elizabeth And Her Half-Sister Mary Stuart. Mary Was Locked In A Tower By The Queen For 18 Years, And Sentenced To Death By Beheading. In Real Life, The Two Never Met. Schiller’s Text Deals With A Fictional Encounter Between Them. The Play, Whose Dramaturgy Was Developed By The Two Actresses And By Director Cibele Forjaz, Takes The Poetic License Of Subverting The Classic Text: It Makes The Dispute Between The Queen Characters Extrapolate The Stage And Overflow Into The Queen Actressesin’ Searching For Of Their Roles, In A Game Of Refined Metalanguage.

The Film Extrapolates Even More The Lines Of The Play’s Metalanguage, Transforming The Actresses Into Characters, Fictionalizing Their Daily Reality And The Production’s Backstage Production, Intensifying The Supposed Dispute For Power, Envy And Vanity In The Rehearsal Process, Conception And Season, In Their Lives And In The Theater Scene Inof São Paulo.

Steeped In The Growing Obsession, Only One Of The Two Is Queen Of The Stage, Only One Can Be “Crowned”, Only One Can Be “The Awarded One”. The Competition Reaches Beyond The Stages, The Life And Ends In The Tragic Death Of One Of The Two.

Mixing Moments Of Humor With Dense Themes And Dramatic Turns, The Script Deals With The Boundaries Between Fiction And Reality.