Stepmother is the Mother

Director: Sérgio Roizenblit
Genre: Fiction
Language: Portuguese
Duration: 27"

Elisa Is The Adopted Daughter Of Divorced Parents And Her Main Focus In Life Is Her Profession. She Has Always Understood That Family Is Something That Reaches Beyond Biological Ties. Until She Meets Arthur, A Recently Divorced Boy And Father Of Three Children: Henrique, A 19-Year-Old Black Youngster, Son Of His Marriage To Danuza, A Beautiful, Politically Active And Successful 50-Year-Old Black Woman; Gigi And Gael, 12 And 7 Years Of Age, Children Of Arthur’s Marriage To Camila, A Well-Bred White Young Woman, Full Of Socio-Racial Privileges And Whose Life Goal Has Always Been To Be A Mother And To “Marry Well”.

Elisa And Arthur Fall In Love And Quickly Marry. Thus, Elisa Discovers New Types Of Affection And Begins To Experience The Pain Of The Stepmothers Who Have Always Been Subjugated. Politically Active, She Is Faced With The Challenge Of Sisterhood, As Female Competitions Are Daily Imposed On Her Daily Life, Catapulting Her Mothering And Her Validation As A Woman Into Coadjuvancy.

Professionally, Elisa Is A Successful Head Of A Potent Team. With So Many Victories In The Profession, She Didn’t Expect The Life Of A Mosaic Family To Be So Difficult.

She Never Dreamed Of Being A Mother, And, Lo And Behold, As She Becomes A Stepmother, Realizing That She Had To Give Birth To Three Previously Brought-Up Children, Full Of Idiosyncrasies, All At Once.