Crossing Time – Season 2

Director: Sérgio Roizenblit
Genre: Documentary Series
Language: Portuguese
Duration: 26"

Its A Documentary Series In 13 Episodes Of 26 Minutes That Features 13 Stories Of Contemporary Brazilians Who Reinvented Their Roles In Society After The Age Of 60. They Comprise Multiple Trajectories Of Characters From Various Social Classes, Men And Women, Famous And Anonymous, Artists, Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Retirees.

The Number Of Elderly People – People Over 60 Years Of Age, According To The World Health Organization (Who) – Will Triple In Brazil By 2050. The Growth Of This Population In The Country Is Moving At A Much Higher Rate Than The World Average, Which Will Double In Size In The Same Period. Currently, About 12.5% ​​of Brazilians Are Elderly – A Percentage Very Close To The Level Of 14%,The Entry Rate For The Club Of Aged Nations, According To The Who. Today This Club Includes France, England And Canada, For Example.

It Is Estimated That In 2050 30% Of Brazilians Will Be Elderly. The Reason For This Accelerated Growth Is The Fact That For 15 Years Brazilian Couples Have Had Less Than Two Children On Average, A Rate Lower Than The Rate Necessary To Replace The Parents. Meanwhile, Life Expectancy Increases Every Year.
Crossing Time Captures How This Challenge Of Reinventing Oneself Permeates The Anxieties Of These Inhabitants Of The Main Brazilian Cities, Today Pressured By The Growing Demand For Youth’s Vitality. More Than A Challenge, Personal Reinvention Is A Necessity In The Contemporary World – The Good News Is That, If Overcome, This Moment In Life Can Be Accompanied By Self-Knowledge And Joy.