Pedro Moraleida, The Song of the Boiling Blood

Director: Sérgio Roizenblit
Language: Portuguese
Duration: 5 episódios de 45''

A lightning bolt in the contemporary art scene, a flash of expressiveness and brilliance — that’s how the rapid, intense, and dazzling trajectory of Pedro Moraleida (1977-99) was like, a genius whose work left a mark, from Belo Horizonte, on the art produced in the late 20th century, in Brazil and around the world.

Pedro Moraleida, The Song of the Boiling Blood is the five-episode series that will unveil the personal history, work, and legacy of this young artist from Minas Gerais, who tragically and prematurely passed away at the age of 22, leaving behind over 1500 works, including paintings, drawings, installations, texts, and sound archives.

Incorporating, by essence, the myth of the romantic artist, within a libertarian and iconoclastic body of work that challenges established values — artistic, political, social, cultural, and religious — to the utmost intensity, “The Song of the Boiling Blood” will explore the trajectory and impact of Pedro Moraleida’s work and thoughts, a seminal artist whose recognition, in Brazil and abroad, has only just begun.