Mani, A Cry for Independence

Director: Sérgio Roizenblit
Language: Portuguese
Duration: 70 minutos

On the occasion of its 200 years of independence, celebrated in 2022, we have a Brazil that continuously articulates the full sense of autonomy, identity, and freedom, while also preparing itself to face the challenges of the 21st century.

Around these premises, the documentary film Mani, A Cry for Independence unfolds. Through the journey of the cassava culture in the country, a native plant of Brazilian soil that decisively contributed to Brazil’s independence from Portugal, the film will showcase an element that facilitated the occupation of Brazilian territory, serving as an economic cornerstone and ensuring food security for the population—indispensable factors for economic and political emancipation.

Using the myth of the indigenous figure Mani, who narrates the origin of cassava, as a guiding thread, Mani, A Cry for Independence will unveil a story that is both ancestral and contemporary. It’s a story composed of different modes of agricultural production and the relationship between individuals and nature. This story includes beliefs, rituals, experiences, colors, and above all, flavors. The film will demonstrate how cassava, over the centuries and through transformations, became an ingredient that permeates and unifies the rich and exuberant social and cultural diversity of the country, while also offering pathways to a sustainable future.