Knives & Blood in the City

Director: Carú Amaral
Language: Portuguese
Duration: 6 episódios de 60'

The series follows a group of young women who, led by a mysterious nun, dedicate their lives to avenging other women who are victims of abuse.

The characters live together in apartment 77 of the Esther building. Five girls from different backgrounds who have three things in common: they have suffered some type of abuse (and retaliated) at the hands of abusive men, were saved by a nun, and today their work and reason for living is to avenge women who are victims of some type of abuse.

Recruited at a tender moment in life by a mysterious nun, the girls were trained and saved by an organization that hides behind a religious façade installed in the heart of the Jardins neighborhood in São Paulo.

All had their childhoods marked by violence and injustice, are young and beautiful, so there is suspicion that this organization is an excuse for something bigger and more cruel. But the girls don’t think about that, their lives are guided by a routine that mixes the lifestyle of a high-level model with the violence and adrenaline of assassins who put themselves in situations of tremendous danger. They have nothing to lose, their mission is very clear: to avenge their gender companions.

Just like New York, Paris or Rio de Janeiro have been treated in a large number of movies, São Paulo has few records in this sense. When we search for movies on Google about the city as a character, most of them only have SP as a backdrop. FACAS has SP as a central character. Just as New Jersey is a protagonist of Sopranos, just as Barcelona is the protagonist of Almodóvar’s movies, São Paulo is one of the protagonists of FACAS. Its iconic buildings, idiosyncrasies, symbolic senses, and peculiarities are represented in all scenes of the series.