Director: Sérgio Roizenblit
Genre: Fiction
Language: Portuguese
Duration: 100"

Upon Discovering That She Has A Fatal Disease And Distressed By Not Having Someone To Perform The Ritual Of Covering Her Soul, Marta Decides To Wait For Death Next To The Graves Of Her Husband, Cireneu, And Of One Of Their Daughters, Ceça. After A While, She Is Surprised By The Arrival Of Another Of Her Daughters, Dorinha, The Deceased Sibling’s Twin Sister, Whom She Had Not Seen For Years And With Whom She Did Not Get Along.

Marta Asks Her To Perform Her “Cover”. The Daughter Refuses And Old Grudges Are Unearthed. Dorinha Accuses Marta Of Never Having Even Given Her A Hug, While Her Mother Accuses Her Daughter Of Having Driven Her Father To Suicide After Her Sudden Escape. The Conflict Intensifies With The Arrival Of Alê, A Transsexual (The Daughter’s Fiancée) Who Brings A Baby Along To The Cemetery –  The Young Woman’s Son And The Lady’s Grandson. New Revelations Come To Light And The Three Realize The Pain They Have Faced In Order To Find, Each One In Their Own Way, The Path To Peace. The Mother Dies Peacefully And, Days Later, The Transsexual Performs The Covering Of Marta’s Soul. In The End, Alê Hugs Dorinha, Sealing The Reconciliation.