Green Innovation: Renewable Energies in Brazil

Director: Sérgio Roizenblit
Language: Portuguese
Duration: 90 minutos

Sheltering among the world’s largest economies, Brazil holds a pivotal role in global efforts to combat climate change, boasting the highest prevalence of renewable energy sources in its energy matrix. At the heart of this leadership lies Brazil’s pioneering journey towards sustainability, harnessing, like few other nations, the immense potential inherent in hydropower, solar, wind, and biomass energies, such as ethanol and biodiesel. Additionally, the country delves into research on new energy frontiers, like green hydrogen, wave and tidal energy, the utilization of agricultural and urban waste, and offshore wind power. Thus, the nation strides toward global sustainability leadership.

“Green Innovation: Renewable Energies in Brazil” is the TV series poised to unveil, to audiences both domestic and international, Brazil’s DNA of green innovation, with a focus on its energy matrix. This series will illuminate the individuals, technologies, and resources that render the country’s sustainable vocation a reality, while also delving into the challenges and impacts of this nascent revolution.