Architectures – Season 1

Serie | 2013
Director: Sergio Roizenblit e Paulo Markun
Genre: Documentary Series
Language: Portuguese
Duration: 52"

The 13-Episode Series Architectures Will Bring In Each Chapter The Story Of A Brazilian Building. The Sites Chosen Are Significant For The History Of Architecture In Brazil, From The Colonial Period To The Present Day. The Series Seeks To Point Out The Changes In The Principles That Have Guided Architectural Practice Over Time And Their Relationships With The More General Historical Context. As A Result, It Highlights Examples That Stand Out Not Only For Their Aesthetic Or Technical Qualities, But Also Those That Bring About New Ways Of Experiencing The Spaces That House Different Human Activities Throughout History. Through Them And The Buildings Chosen, It Is Possible To Recover Fundamental Periods Of The Country’s History, From The First Colonial Occupations To The Explosion Of Brazilian Metropolises. Another Important Aspect In Defining The Buildings Was The Collective Experience Of Spaces. In Each Of The Buildings One Finds A Great Diversity Of Characters, With Different Roles And Points Of View On Work, Its Space, Its Relationship With People And The City. By Means Of Each Of The Character’s Words, We Seek To Follow The Paths Taken By The Architects’ Original Proposals Architects, Their Limits And Achievements, In Addition To Their Resignifications Throughout History Grounded On Individual And Collective Experiences.